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Happy New Year!


Dear customers, colleagues and friends! This Christmas time, we sum up the year and make plans for the next one. The year 2014 was rather difficult one, full of challenges, ups and downs. Therefore we wish you good luck in the New Year, even despite the fact that its symbol — Wooden Goat or Sheep — is capricious and unpredictable animal. So let us all have only pleasant surprises in 2015. Peace and happiness to all of you!

С Новым 2015 Годом!!! Ура!

How we work during the holidays:

  • December 31 — January 4 – office is closed
  • January 5 and 6 — office is open
  • January 7 – office is closed (Public Holiday)

Starting from January 8, Trados Translation Agency works on the regular basis.

Sincerely yours, Trados Translation Agency.