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Trados Translation Company Offers a Special Service: IMMEDIATE NEWS TRANSLATION

People dealing with news lines and media often need immediate translations.

If the only thing you need is to catch the main idea of the text, our online-translators can help though there is no 100% guarantee that you will be able to understand rightly the translated version. Surely, you will not get a high-quality translation, and what is more, no doubt such «translation» cannot be published on a website.

TraDos Translation Company offers urgent online-translation of media products made by our staff translators.

What Do We Offer:

  • translation of articles for the internet news portal
  • translation of corporate news from a company’s website
  • tracking the news coming on your website and passing it over directly to the translator
  • quick translation made by our staff translators

What Are the Benefits of Ordering a News Translation in Our Company:

  • You get single style translations as they are made by the same translators;
  • these services are charged with a special negotiated price, and are not classified as urgent or immediate translation. Most translation companies classify news translations as urgent and charge them as per dual (or triple) tariff, and need much time for arrangements;
  • You get a correct, easy-to-interpret translation, as it is made by highly-skilled and experienced professionals;
  • We guarantee that the translation will not only be understandable but you can place it on your website without any doubt;
  • High efficiency. A media translation must often be made within 1 or 2 hours otherwise it becomes useless: is it really a new if it comes out in a day or two?
  • Your foreign customers will always get live information on your company or current world news
Note that to translate the news:
  • The translator must know and understand the events, he or she is translating, i.e. know the “background”. For instance, the news writer’s text contains the following: “it was caused by Friday events”, so, in order not to puzzle the readers, the translator can remind the mentioned events;
  • The translation should be adapted   for readers. For example, if the translation is about the UK government, it would be reasonable to explain this in translation. Say, the article is about a foreign politician unknown to the readers, then the translator may specify the position held by this person.
  • Journalistic jargon and cliche. The translator should understand the sense of certain phrases and expressions (such as “Iron Lady” which stands for Margaret Thatcher).