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Translation of video records is a relatively new service compared to the traditional interpreting and written translation services. In fact, video translation often combines the two types of translation and is actually a form of oral and written translation.

The only difference from classical oral and written translation is that instead of alive speech the source is presented on a video or audio recording.

There are several types of video and audio translation services which include:

  1. Written translation of a video or audio recording. The final translation will be in a text format. For example, subtitles to a foreign movie.
  2. Written translation of a video or audio recording plus dubbing in the target language. The final translation will be in a text format which, after proof-reading, will be dictated for recoding by the translator or narrator (actor). For example, a professional dubbing of a movie.
  3. Oral translation of a video or audio recording plus translation voice-overs. For example, a low quality dubbing of a movie when the translator has no time to finish the phrase. Such type of translation is highly undesirable as we have no time for proof-reading.

Today, TraDos Translation Company offers written video or audio recording translation services. For this service we charge UAH 100.00 or more per page of the target translation. Exact charges vary depending upon the language.