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We are celebrating 5 years anniversary!


At the beginning of this year our company is celebrating its first «big» birthday. On January 12, 2014 it was exactly five years from the date of official registration of TraDos Translation Agency. During this time we have grown professionally, started to have a better understanding of our customers and take into account current trends in the translation market.

What is five years? It is dozens of languages, thousands of translated text pages, certified and legalized documents, hundreds of hours of interpretation. And these, in turn, are committed transactions, signed contracts, held business meetings and negotiations, registered marriages, and simple help in communication of people from different countries.

We thank our customers for their trust and our colleagues (translators, editors, DTP and legalization specialists, couriers, etc.) for their work.

С Новым 2014 Годом! Бюро переводов Традос!