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What kinds of benefits do we offer to our regular customers?

  • our translators, while working on your texts use the Translation Memory system which allows them to maintain uniformity of text style and terminology;
  • we have a system of special offers and discounts for our regular customers;
  • we do short-deadline translations with a minimal extra charge for urgency;

We value every customer, and are ready to take on impossible assignments making them possible!

Our customers have arrived at a conclusion which gave us an idea to make certain translators work with particular companies.

This type of workload distribution is optimal in the following cases:

  •   you place orders regarding text translation from time to time, but not on a regular basis, and you never have to meet short deadlines with regard to your translations. It is highly important for you that all of the translated texts have uniform style;
  •   you liked the quality of a certain translation and you would like to obtain the same professional translation of your texts in the future;
  •   you have certain fixed criteria regarding translation and particular preferences concerning spelling, terminology, and you would not like to explain those criteria to new persons over and over again.
Why is it important to have one specific person working on your translation orders?

You have to admit that “playing by ear” is good in some cases, but unacceptable if it concerns your documents translation.

Besides, even the most experienced specialist needs to get accustomed to your particular requirements.

In order to achieve that goal we took into consideration two most important points for the customer: quality of translation and its price. In this regard Translation Agency TRADOS meets the high standards of having the best price-quality relationship on the market.