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Quality of translation service

Different people come to our translation agency. All of them have one thing in common – they are eager to have a job they gave us done as soon as possible. They are hasty, and one can account for that — time is money, they are hardly ever interested in translation itself, they normally need it along with other things to be done, and whether they succeed in doing them or not is often of crucial importance to their lives.

Work, career, pension, real estate…

People need more attention and we succeed in giving it to them!

This is why our potential customers are sometimes stressed-out, slightly wound up and excited. We think it only natural, total indifference to your documents and translation would be an odd way to behave.

Very often it is vital to have your translation made proficiently within the shortest possible term.

All you have to do is to contact us, we will take care of the rest!

This is no exaggeration. Just contact us, when you need our services. We ensure that your documents are translated and edited proficiently. Moreover, we guarantee that our managers in particular and the entire staff in general provide personalized service to you and take the utmost care of your orders.

Do you believe that your case is special in needs a specific approach?
We have a full point here!

You can be sure that we will take notice of all the preferences of yours, discuss them, offer optimal solutions to any of your problems, resolve them at the quickest possible rate and ensure premium quality.

How do we do this?

What are the deadlines set by our customers determined by?

If this is a translation, a translator’s professionalism, his competence and awareness of the translation matter are, certainly, the most essential. Our translators are profoundly experienced in translating texts concerning various spheres of human life. In order to reach specialists’ requirements to translation of special texts, we use editors’ services, each one of them is an expert in his/her work.

While accepting your order, our managers will give their attention to every detail, clear up everything necessary and task the best experts with performing your order.

If you request us to apply for any documents for yourself from your previous domicile or employment, our contacts in the CIS countries will enable us to do that within the shortest possible term.

In the course of conversation our employees will clarify what exactly you need and how much, they will explain what we will do to obtain your documents as soon as possible. There is no need to mention that translation is also possible to be notarized.

And, finally, how do we ensure politeness, helpfulness and attention to each client of ours?

We just employ only those managers who possess these qualities to the fullest extent. All of them are handpicked!

Customer care is our primary focus!