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Need to Go to the Notary with a Foreigner? Take Us With You!


Why do you think people use notary’s services? Why do they notarize their documents?

Anyone who knows at least something about documents will say that notarization makes any paper more serious and reliable. If it is a notarized copy, you can be sure that it is a true copy of the original. If it is a notarized contract, the notary’s signature and seal certify that all parties which signed the document did it wilfully and consciously.

If it is a notarized last will, no one will doubt about the authenticity of the document or assume that there may be some other wills.

Also notarization of your signature can help you save time as you do not have to be present in person in lots of remote places. Notaries also work with permits, powers of attorney, etc.

In addition to notarization, notary’s offices help their customers make up documents.

They are very useful people: you come to them with your problem, and they solve it in the best possible way.

But just imagine that one of the parties in your case is represented by a foreigner who does not speak Russian or Ukrainian! He or she will not be able to explain to the notary what provisions should be included in the document, read the paper made by the notary before signing or understand every detail set forth in it.

And the notary may not certify his/her signature. And will not do it.

As, God forbid, that person will go to law and say that he or she did not understand the meaning of the document at the time of signing because of not knowing the language!

This may result in finding the contract void, compensation of costs and moral damage.

Most likely court will come down in favour of the claimant and the notary will be answerable to such person and bear legal liability.

So, what should be done?

There is a very good solution!

At your request, we will provide you an experienced certified translator who will join the notary (by the way it can be your notary or any other notary who works with us) to make all required documents in two languages, explain every single detail relating to the meaning and execution of the document.

Therefore the notary will have no doubts as for the misunderstandings left between the parties, and will readily sign your documents.