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How Much Does a Translation Cost?


We can often hear people say: ‘It is expensive’ or ‘It is cheap’. We ourselves often use these words not even thinking how exactly they reflect the state of affairs.

Let us think about it…

When a person turning the pages of a car catalogue sees the price of a new shining chrome-plated jeep, e.g. Mitsubishi Pajero, he or she may think that the price is exorbitant. But when the same person driving this car gets on mud-locked roads where any other cars would not even move, and when the jeep overcomes all difficulties without making the driver get out of the saloon and dirty their feet, then the person starts to understand that the car was worth paying the money.

So, words ‘expensive’ and ‘cheap’, as they are, mean only what they mean.

For example, someone asks you: Is a pair of shoes which costs 100 euros cheap or expensive? ‘Which shoes?’, – you will ask. If the ‘birthplace’ of this pair of shoes is an unprofessional workshop somewhere in the vicinities of Beijing, then it would be insane to pay such amount of money. If it was made by a well-known Italian or German company, it is a normal, reasonable price. And if these shoes were produced by a famous designer who made them by hand lovingly selecting materials, paying attention to every single detail, then at this price it’s a gift.

This is how you will answer, and you will be absolutely right.

What can we say about our prices? They are reasonable. Most of our customers believe that the quality-price ratio of our services is optimal. Our professionals get a good pay for their work, and we can organize our workflow so that your order can be executed at a high quality level and delivered just in time.

Someone may think that our services are too expensive while other people may say that they are quite affordable. We are unable to influence all factors which make people think so.

But we can assure you that our services are worth every last hryvnia of the money you pay for them!