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When is it necessary?

  • Overseas partners are going to visit you for negotiations
  • You are giving a presentation of your company for overseas investors
  • You are planning a trip abroad and need an interpreter
  • You’ve purchased foreign equipment and the manufacturer sends its technical consultants to help you
  • You need a certified translator to conclude an agreement or draw up a power of attorney at the Notary’s Office

What is interpretation?

  •   Interpretation is verbal conveyance of the meaning of an oral statement in one (source) language by linguistic means of another (target) language, taking into consideration all lexical, grammatical and stylistic peculiarities. Interpretation can be divided into consecutive (interpretation after the statement is finished) and simultaneous (interpretation simultaneously with the statement). Unseen translation is also a type of oral interpretation.

What is the difference between written translation and interpretation?

  • The main task of interpretation is to communicate the meaning of the statement, and the stylistic and lexical peculiarities are only observed as far as possible,
  • Strict timeframe for decision-making
  • No possibility to review the text to be translated (except for unseen translation)
  • Interpreter cannot check the translation of unknown words in the dictionaries or online
  • Interpreter has no time to search for the best translation
  • Due to a strict time frame, interpreter may skip the unimportant details during translation

Main types of interpretation

Generally, interpretation is divided into two large groups:

  • consecutive interpretation (interpretation during special pauses after the statement was finished)
  • simultaneous interpretation (interpretation during the speech with a minimum delay and without special pauses)

Why us?

The interpreters we offer are mainly our full-time employees with undoubtful professional skills and experience! This fact gives us certain advantages:

  • The client can interview an interpreter, check his or her language proficiency prior to placing an order;
  •  We have encountered an unfortunate incidents when our freelancers called us an hour before the beginning of the negotiations (event) and informed us on the change of circumstances (urgent business trip, busy at their day job etc);
  • There were incidents when our freelancer simply «vanished” the day before important negotiations and turned all phones off;
  • Our full-time staff can also have some unforeseen contingencies hindering their work, but in such case our employee will inform us at least a day before and we will put maximum efforts into provision of a worthy substitute!
  • Our full-time interpreters can undertake urgent interpretations;
  • If required, out certified full-time interpreters can come urgently to a notary’s office.

Interpreting services are required at the business meetings as well as during an “informal” walks around the city with your overseas partners. “Trados” Translation Agency offers you the services of interpreters having a vast experience of consecutive translations and specializing in specific fields (economics, legal affairs, banking, technology etc.)

Our professional interpreters will insure successful and accurate communication, mutual understanding during negotiations, meetings, presentations, trade fairs and other events.

Please note that interpreting services must be ordered minimum two days in advance.