5% discount for Apostille at the Ministry of Education

Only until the end of September! 5% discount for apostille issued for educational documents....


The Information and Image Center

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Do You Know What Language is Official in the USA?

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Website Translation and Localization

Our company will give to you the opportunity to localize your website in many languages, and you also get the ready to use HTML-pages.

The website localization made by our company involves all work stages aimed to create the same website but in other languages: ranging from translation of content, interface, service data and links to images and even flash-animation.

We offer language support of your resources: regular translation of news, articles or any other additions to the website content.

The website localization support services provided by Trados Translation Company include:

  • translation of the content of active websites and websites under development;
  • continuing website language support;
  • translation of text content of active websites and websites under development;
  • translation of the hidden website elements (captions, descriptions, keywords);
  • search engine optimization;
  • website English version (html-format) makeup.

Prices are quoted excluding the cost of converting the website content (text) in text format to calculate the cost of works, which amounts to 20% of the cost of website translation.