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In order to get an insight into simultaneous interpretation, try the following experiment: turn on the news program on the radio or TV and try to repeat everything the announcer says without fluffing. Was it easy? And now try to do the same, but translating the text into a different language (for example, if you live in bilingual country, you can try interpreting the news from one native language into another). We’re afraid in this case you won’t succeed much.

Who are simultaneous interpreters?

Simultaneous interpreters are highly qualified specialists who have spent many years training their skills of simultaneous apprehension, interpretation and text communication.

In fact, simultaneous interpreter must perform several actions at the same time:

  1. To apprehend and analyze a word/phrase
  2. To translate it mentally
  3. To voice it

Furthermore, in order to communicate correctly the meaning of any statement the interpreter has to determine sense of polysemantic words/expressions out of context and foresee the following text.

Why does simultaneous interpretation must be done by two interpreters?

If you need simultaneous interpreter, the managers in any translation agency will explain that you need to hire at least two professionals.

This is due to the fact that during the translation simultaneous interpreter is subjected to such mental pressure that in 10-15 minutes he or she gets very tired and is no longer able to fulfill his duty adequately.

Therefore, in order to ensure the highest quality of simultaneous interpretation several interpreters are usually involved interchanging after every 15-30 minutes.

Why are simultaneous interpreting services so expensive?

The price of simultaneous interpreting services includes three items:

  1. Equipment rent
  2. Labor compensation of at least two interpreters
  3. Organizational expenses

Please note that payment of simultaneous interpreter’s services differs from that of usual oral interpreter. This is due to the above mentioned fact that simultaneous interpreter is a highly specialized professional who has undergone special training and whose job cannot be performed by a usual interpreter.

Our company’s simultaneous interpreters are professionals with a vast working experience, excellent language proficiency and rich vocabulary. As in any other case, each simultaneous interpreter works in particular fields of specialization and is familiar with all relevant terms and definitions.
Our Translation Agency has full-time and freelance oral interpreters. Therefore we can satisfy requirements of the most demanding clients and perform the most complicated oral interpretations in various locations and at any events.

Apart from simultaneous interpreting services, our Company also provides all necessary high quality equipment to ensure the great success of your event.