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Interpreting Services Abroad

Sometimes people need interpretation services while being abroad. For example they go traveling in the country not knowing its language, or they go on a business trip and need to be accompanied with an interpreter to ensure understandable negotiations.

There may be thousands of situations but all of them have one thing in common – a person needs interpreting services while going and staying abroad.

Translation Company Trados sees no big problem in it. The main thing is that you were ready for certain working conditions. We see interpretation abroad as a foreign business trip, therefore cost of services will include the following:

  • visa obtaining costs (if needed), interpreter’s travel, accommodation, meal expenses, plus daily allowances. If the customer does not pay for meals, travel allowance will be charged as required by law in force (Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers dated April 23, 1999, No.663 ‘On Reimbursement of Travel Expenses Incurred in Ukraine and Abroad’ and Business Trips in Ukraine and Abroad Provisions approved by the Order of the Ministry of Finance dated March 13, 1998, No.59.);
  • cost of interpretation services. You actually employ the specialist for several days. His/her work then is paid as an 8-hour working day even if the interpretation takes only 2 or 3 hours. Therefore the arrival and departure days are considered to be full working days.

Please note that ordering interpretation services should be made at least two weeks prior to the trip as formalities take a lot of time. We in Translation Company Trados assure that we will appoint a highly qualified interpreter specializing in your topic and with the most beneficial terms for you.

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