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Once Again About Translation Quality…


Today, it is quite difficult to find a really reliable translation partner. The long-term market players have managed to find such partners by trial and error. But what should new consumers of translation services, foreign representations and companies do?

The first and the main thing to remember is start looking for a reliable translation company once you obtained the material. If you need to have 200 to 300 pages of scientific or journalistic style text translated in the nearest future, and if you leave 2-3 weeks for this question, the result may be quite unpleasant. To get a better understanding just imagine being invited to one’s birthday and going to buy the present just before the party. You want to give something nice but not too expensive. You are hunting through the shops trying to find at least something. As a result, in a hurry, you buy a trifle without even knowing what it is used for as you simply have no time to find a really good present! And now remember how many times you have been given such presents!

Surely, situations differ and sometimes people need translations ‘for yesterday’. In such case you really have no choice. Yet, in most cases companies either agree to provide translation services or they refuse. There is no third option. No matter how things get, it is always better to contact the company which makes regular translations and ask them who could cope with you task. The future of the project quite often depends directly on the quality of the translation. This should not be ignored.

If you decided to find a translation company yourself, be very careful and particular and pay attention to the specificity of the market. No doubt, it will be much easier for you if you translate to such wide-spread foreign languages as English or German or if you at least know the terminology. Then you will be able to check the quality of the services provided yourself. But what if you need a translation into Vietnamese or Laotian? It will take time to do such assignment. Besides, if you need a notarial translation, a professional translator is the necessity.

Cost of services is a very important point. Just look up in the Internet and you will see that cost of the same services may differ considerably. Why? The answer is simple: quality – that’s the thing! Translation companies are often focused on certain level of quality. This is the main element which makes the cost of the products. Don’t you agree that it is unreasonable to save on quality? Surely, if you only need to know in general what the text is about without paying attention to the details, you may order a cheaper translation. But in practice, you will later have to go to the other company which can do a much better translation which you had already paid for. Even when you go shopping you prefer buying products of the same brand. To a large extent, it depends on your taste and habits which nevertheless were originally based on high quality and affordable price of the products. The same applies to the services provided by translation companies.

This reminds the words of John Raskin who said that there were nearly no such things which somebody could do as well as the other person and sell them at a lower price, so people who only look at the price get what is coming to them – they become victims of hustlers. Raskin emphasized that after paying for something a person will surely lose some money, but if a person pays too little, he or she may ultimately lose everything as the purchased thing cannot be used at all. So Raskin made a simple yet a very logical conclusion: economic laws determine that nothing valuable can be bought at a low price. He also added that if you prefer the cheaper proposition, it means that you consider the risk of such proposition but nevertheless agree with it, therefore you have enough money to pay for something better. Please keep these words in mind when you need to go to a translation company!