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Texts differ … or lay them all out!

Document translation services often requires making them as close to the original as possible or just preserving certain graphic elements in the translation.

DTP (desktop publishing) is the process of a step-by-step positioning of the text, illustrations, design elements and other parts of a document on a computer screen into a single form identical to the original or to the actually presented version of the document.

In other words, it means arranging illustrations, paragraphs, titles, footnotes and notes, colour and stylistic setting in the text exactly as they are made in the provided original or as requested by the customer.

Some peculiarities

The customer should provide the original or a layout (detailed formatting instructions and the required graphic elements) and explain the aspects which may be important for laying out but not evident in the document.

All DTP is done by highly skilled professionals who use the most popular page layout and planning programmes such as Page Maker, Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, etc.

What Are DTP Rates?

DTP cost depends on number of pages. Please note that DTP cost does not depend on number of characters or illustrations on a page.

We charge for DTP as follows:

  • One actual page DTP – UAH 7.00, 30 pages/day.
  • One actual page DTP (advanced) – UAH 12.00, more than 30 pages/day.