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Interpreting Services in General Cases

Interpreting services in general cases is the type of oral translation used in negotiations, meetings and other public events which requires from the translator no special preparation or highly specialized knowledge.

But it does not mean that the translator may not be fluent in a foreign language!

To make oral technical translation the translator/interpreter must rather know special terminology and understand the process flow than be phonetically and stylistically competent.

It is an urgent need for an unspecialized interpreter to be fluent at business, informal and literary speech!

Trados Translation Company offers oral consecutive interpretation services in three main directions:

  • interpretation at meetings, conferences, presentations, etc.;
  • providing an accompanying interpreter;
  • providing a certified interpreter to deal with notarial acts;

We cooperate with a great number of interpreters – most of them are mainly specialized in oral interpretations – and we therefore ensure that in any situation our interpreters will feel ‘like a duck to water’.