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Technical interpretation

What is technical interpretation?

Technical interpretation requires not only excellent interpreting skills and language command but a vast knowledge in a specific technical field.

Only an interpreter with a special technical background or a broad work experience in this field can perform technical interpretation.

As a rule, such an interpreter is needed when you require:

  • Interpreting services at the exhibitions, conferences, meetings;
  • Interpreting services during commissioning works;
  • Interpreting services during visits to the factories, plants and other manufacturing facilities.

Why our agency?

TraDos Translation Agency maintains its own staff of skilled interpreters and able to choose the best specialist in your subject field: machinery, industrial equipment, energy, aviation, textiles, oil and gas, architecture, construction, telecommunications, information technology, metallurgy, chemistry, agriculture, etc.

We are permanently testing interpreters to select the best ones.

Placement of an order

  • Indicate language pairs, subject, time and place of interpretation.
  • If it is possible, please, provide the supporting materials for an interpreter (company’s brochures, website materials etc.).
  • Make a 50% advance payment.

For more information about our experience in technical interpretation please see our References.