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To make sure that our documents will be recognized and accepted abroad, first of all they must be legalized. This applies both to foreign documents and papers used in Ukraine.

TraDos Translation Agency can have your documents legalized in the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education, and Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine.

There are several types of document legalization depending on the country where these documents will be used.


The documents issued in Ukraine to be submitted to the official agencies of foreign states (parties to the Hague Convention) undergo the simplified legalization procedure. This includes: the duly authorized Ukrainian authorities affix to the documents a special stamp known as apostille which does not require any additional certification or legalization and is recognized by the official institutions in any country being the party to the Hague Convention.

Countries: Albania, Andorra, Argentina, Armenia, Australia,  Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, China (Hong Kong and Macao only), Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Ireland, Japan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Mexico, Monaco, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, the Seychelles, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Sweden, Turkey, UK, USA, Venezuela, etc.

Depending on the type of the Ukrainian document, one should certify it with:

  • Apostille in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine (Since11.2015 the certification with so called electronic apostille has been introduced, to make it one should address to the Ukrainian civil registry office (ZAGS));
  • Apostille in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
  • Apostille in the Ministry of Education and Science.

Double Apostille

In this case apostille should first be affixed to the document (original or certified copy), then it should be translated, notarized and certified with electronic apostille in any local civil registry office of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

Countries: Austria, Belgium, Holland (the Netherlands), Portugal, Switzerland.

Consular Legalization (Embassy Legalization)

If the document is legalized for the country which is not the party to the Hague Convention then you have to undergo a standard internationally approved procedure known as consular legalization.

It includes:

  1. document legalization in the Ministry of Justice;
  2. document legalization in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
  3. certified document translation;
  4. consular/embassy legalization.

Please note that the countries only recognize the documents legalized by their own embassies/consulates.

Countries: countries that have not ratified the Hague Convention (China (except Hong Kong and Macao), Iran, India, Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, etc.)

Apostille + Consular Legalization

This includes having the apostille stamp affixed in Ukrainian ministries, translation by a sworn translator of the embassy with subsequent legalization in the embassy/consulate.

Countries: Italy, Spain

Tips for Placing Orders

Please remember to provide to the project manager with the following information when placing a legalization order:

  • Document name, date and issuing authority
  • The country where the document will be used
  • Indicate if you need the translation of the document

The first step is to provide the original copies of the documents.

Legalization/Apostillization of Certain Documents

1. Documents issued by Civil Registry Offices

  • The Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and its local departments legalize or put an apostille on the following types of documents: birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, death certificate, name change certificate.
  • The document issued by a Civil Registry Office after 1991 must be executed on a new form. This will be sufficient for apostille certification. In case of consular legalization, such document must bear the seal of theMunicipal or Regional Department of Ukrainian Ministry of Justice.
  • If your document was issued in Ukraine after 1991 but executed on an old form, you need to reissue a new document.
  • The documents issued in the USSR before 1991 are accepted as they are without any need to obtain a reissued original copy. All you have to do is to have the copy notarized and we will then file it to the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

2. Educational Certificates

The Ministry of Education will legalize the following documents: (Убрать для этого предложения нумерованный список)

  • Secondary School Certificate + Supplement with Academic Transcript
  • Diploma of Higher or Secondary Education + Supplement with Academic Transcript
  • Academic Transcripts, copies of Academic Records
  • Training programs

To legalize diploma or other document on education in Ukraine for the UAE, Libya, Iran, Kuwait, Egypt, China, or other countries which are not party of the Hague Convention, the legalization is made in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. Except for the document itself, one need to provide us POA and official letter from his/her educational instituting certifying the fact of the student’s study there.

3. Legal Documents

If you need documents of legal entities to be legalized/apostilled, write a formal letter on the company’s form and have it certified with the company’s wet stamp and Director’s signature.

Please note, that since November 20, 2015 documents issued by justice authorities, notaries, and courts are certified with an apostille in the local civil registry offices.

4. Police Clearance Certificate (Certificate of Good Conduct)

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine puts apostille on the certificate of good conduct, as well as legalizes it. After such certification the document is valid within three months.

For more details about legalization or apostille please contact our project manager.