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We are 8 years old


Due to the huge amount of work in December and January, we have missed a very important date

– the birthday of TraDos Translation Agency. It has been 8 years since we have started working on the Ukrainian and international markets. During these years we became older, wiser, we stand firmly on our feet, constantly improving the quality of services, expanding the list of consulates and embassies, where we provide document legalization. Despite the difficult economic situation, we always make concessions to our clients, supporting them in difficult times, and we are grateful to them that they are with us.

If you choose our company, you will benefit from the work with a reliable and competent partner. Eight years in the market of translation services allow us to provide professional services not only in the field of translation and interpretation, but also in the field of legalization and apostille services.

We promise to ourselves and our clients that we will not stop this process of self-development and self-improvement, whatever difficult and challenging it may be.

Yours faithfully,
TraDos Translation Agency

TraDos Translation Agency. We are 8 years old.