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Certified Translator Services in Notary’s Office

Notarial Act Procedures

There may be situations requiring the translator’s presence at the notary’s office.

What do these situations include?

  • You are signing a notarial agreement made up in two languages, for example in English and Ukrainian.
  • To make a notarial act (application, power of attorney, etc.) together with the foreigner who is not fluent at Ukrainian/Russian, you need a translator.
  • You need the power of attorney from a foreign citizen, or vice versa;
  • You want to register the articles of association of the company founded together with foreign natural and legal entities;
  • You need to conclude or dissolve a contract with a foreign person;
  • You need a certified translation

Why Do I Need a Certified Translator?

Fact: notaries cannot verify translators’ qualifications (competence and language skills). But notaries can verify translators’ qualifications based on the documents.

For this reason any notary finds it very important that in his/her office, there is a certified translator – the person entitled to make translations to and from certain foreign language.

Any notary is legally obliged to confirm a translator’s qualification.

Therefore, even if you know the language very well and can fluently communicate with your foreign partners, for governmental officials you are ‘incompetent’ to make any translations. That is the paradox…

What Should I Do?

Trados Translation Company will be happy to help you in such situation. Be sure: we have spent many days looking for certified and competent translators from and to more than 30 languages!


Even if a translator’s presence is limited to formal 10 minutes and entering his/her signature in the register, we have to charge for 3 full hours of translation. This can be easily explained – no translator (especially a rare language translator) will agree to waste precious time on travelling to and from the notary’s office and ultimately get a very low pay.

Not Without Reason Trados Positions Itself as a Revolutionary Translation Company!

We have certain prices within our certified translation special offer.

In such case, we provide one of our staff certified translator, and notarial acts are made at our notary’s office (located not far from our office).