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TraDos Translation Company invites professional translators to join our team.

We need language professionals who know the specific issues of working with translation agency.

Currently, we are looking for the native speakers (translators and proofreaders) of English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, etc. to satisfy our clients need in high quality translations.

Our usual tasks are:

  • Translating tests and documents within a specific field;
  • Proofreading of translations made by other translators who are not native speakers;
  • Proofreading translations of websites, manuals, marketing researches, company presentations, court decisions, scientific papers, etc.

Job requirements:

  • higher education with major in linguistics and/or some specific field (economy & finance, engineering, medicine, IT, etc.),
  • minimum five years of work experience as a translator and/or proofreader,
  • good knowledge of English and your native language,
  • knowledge of Russian or Ukrainian is an advantage,
  • advanced user of Translation Memory software,
  • fluency in terminology of the chosen subjects of translation

If you are interested in working with us, have the relevant skills, experience and qualification needed to translate or proofread, please send you CV to

Please make sure you included the following in your CV: your language pairs, job rates, applied computer-aided translation systems (CAT), year of birth, level of education, and year of graduation.

You may become one of our best translators, who knows?

All CVs of the translators aged 25+ are registered in our database.

Please note that we do not accept the CVs of the translators who have less than three years of working experience after graduation, as we believe that a person can only become a professional translator eventually through gaining the relevant experience.

Please do not take it as discrimination! This is a necessity – we receive loads of CVs from graduates, and all their test results are very poor.

We must apologize for such policy but we are unable to test all linguistics graduates.