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Proofreading is Needed!

In fulfilment of an order proofreading and editing is as important as the translation itself. To err is human, therefore translators may make mistakes, even those of them with years of experience.

For this reason, 90% of the finished translations made by the professionals of Translation Company TraDos are processed by editors. The remaining 10% relate to urgent translations when proofreading cannot be done with the best will in the world as there is no time for it.

The editor’s task is not limited by checking the correctness of the text; proofreading also means comparing the translation with the source text and correcting the mistakes. Highly specialized texts are edited by professionals in the appropriate field.

What Is Corrected?

There are different types of translation mistakes:

  • Textual mistakes:
    • grammar and vocabulary (spelling, punctuation mistakes)
    • stylistic (awkward language, misused words and expressions)
  • Translation mistakes:
    • mistakes in translation of separate words and terms
    • no translation of some parts of the text
When a Translation Leaves Much to Be Desired…

Translation companies are often asked to provide a proofreading of the finished translation. Our specialists will be more than happy to look through and correct them if needed. We charge for proofreading services 50% from the cost of a similar translation services.

Please note that the translation should be made by a professional translator or a specialist with good language skills. If it is a quick-and-dirty translation or, even worse, a machine translation, we will qualify the request as a standard translation order.