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TraDos Translation Company requires from its specialists and employees to adhere to the strictest confidentiality standards. Confidentiality is an important principle of our activity and the critical part of high quality service provision, therefore we ensure that we will not disclose any documents you send us for work.

This is secured by the agreements of non-disclosure of commercial, technical and any other information you provide us for work which are entered into between TraDos Translation Company and its employees as well as between TraDos Translation Company and its customers before we start attending to orders.


We guarantee confidentiality at all stages of our cooperation including:

  • preliminary and main negotiations
  • working with the information provided

We also ensure that we will not disclose, without your consent, any information about your company, employees, activities and any other information related to you or your business.

This applies both to written and verbal negotiations.

As stated above, these guarantees are secured by Non-disclosure Agreements entered into and between all the parties involved: the Company’s employees and the Customer, or the Company’s employees and the Customer’s representatives.

Upon the completion of all works, we return all materials and documents submitted by the Customer or its duly authorized representatives, which is an additional strict confidentiality requirement. We destroy all draft copies or unnecessary documents in presence of the Customer’s representatives.

This may not apply to the glossaries of terms prepared by the customers or our specialists to ensure more convenient, higher quality and faster translation. Such materials, with prior customer’s consent, are loaded to a separate database inaccessible for unauthorized persons and are used in the future work with the customer’s materials.