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TraDos Technical Translation Company offers the services of specialist translators of technical and scientific texts able to make a high-quality translation.

Output growth, scientific and technical progress, globalization processes and international integration set more and more serious tasks to researchers and manufacturers who need to use foreign language technical and scientific literature.

Technical document translation is a difficult and challenging task which can be done only by professionals.

TraDos Translation Agency provide:

  • technical translation from English, French, German and more than 40 languages,
  • technical translation into more than 40 languages,
  • translation of manuals, guidances, specifications,
  • translation of the user’s manual,
  • translation of the certificates of origin, certificates of authentication,
  • translation of accompanying documents,
  • translation of drawings, engineering layouts, including AutoCad drawings translation,
  • translation of technical and scientific articles,
  • translation of business offers on technical subject.

Need an Accurate Technical Translation? That Is What We Can Do and Like to Do!

Technical translation is like a “stun flying” in language translation services. An amateur can’t make an accurate translation of technical and scientific terms. Thus, a translator must be a technical specialist to find the accurate equivalent of the original.

Peculiarities of Technical Translation Services

A language specialist familiar with many aspects of target language and making for example quality business translation fails while dealing with translation of technical and scientific literature, for example, on nuclear physics or aluminium electrolysis.

A professional technical translator both understands the linguistic details and peculiarities of a foreign language and feels free in technical terms and a context. Technical or scientific translation should be made in logical formal style described by accuracy of the language and using specific terms.

How Are Technical Texts Translated?

Large production and scientific research companies have teams of professional translators and editors who work with technical texts covering their activities. But only gigantic corporations with huge turnover and budget can afford supporting teams of translators and editors. Small scientific production companies have the only alternative remained — to ask the providers of professional technical translation services for a help.

Any technical translation is made by a number of specialists. For example, a draft translation is made by a narrowly focused science or production specialist, and then the translation is corrected and edited by a language professional. Or vice versa – the professional translator makes the initial translation, and the technical specialist proofreads the text and verifies terminology. In any case the customer gets the most accurate technical translation possible.

Today CAT-tools (Translation Memory software) play an important role in translation of technical texts. They help to reduce the time need for translation turnover and ensure the unity of terminology and style.

What Is a Qualitative Technical Translation?

If a technical translation company has in its staff the specialists with technical skills and experience in science or production areas, then the customer can be sure that he or she will get a high quality translation meeting the most demanding customer’s requirements.
A qualitative technical translation is an equivalent text most accurately reproducing the information contained in the original.

Peculiarities of Technical Documents Translation

Technical terminology is some kind of jargon which should be known, understood and used correctly. Technical and scientific documents are full of special terms, acronyms and symbols. Unlike literary texts which can be interpreted quite freely, any technical text is a set of special terms and they must be translated adequately.

It means that the translator should not only know the technical terminology of the original language, but also know target language equivalents. For this reason, the most difficult thing in technical translation is finding the appropriate Russian terms. If no equivalent can be found then technical translator is allowed to use analogues, synonyms or descriptions.

There is one more problem facing a technical translator: various acronyms and abbreviations used in certain countries. Russia adheres to the State Standards (so called GOSTs); other countries have less strict requirements so translation process is related to additional difficulties.

Any parts of speech can be abbreviated, e.g. assembly — assy, without — w/o, weight to volume — w/v, etc. Acronyms can be presented both in small and in capital letters, as a solid word, as separate letters or in a stroke, with or without full stops, in plural with the final -s, in the end of a word, etc. Some acronyms have tens of meanings.

Technical Translation Support Materials

No one can translate a technical text without using technical and linguistic data resources. Any technical and scientific translator should know and use them properly. The support materials used by a technical translator can be divided into dictionaries, books on specialized subjects and references.

Dictionaries can be divided into:

  • general dictionaries;
  • dictionaries of idioms;
  • glossaries;
  • spelling dictionaries;
  • auxiliary dictionaries;
  • specialized linguistic dictionaries;
  • polytechnic and industry dictionaries;
  • dictionaries of abbreviations

Sometimes a translator has to study literature on the similar subject area to find a more accurate translation of the original document.


As you see we understand the tasks and challenges of technical translations and wish to assure you that we have set very high professional standards in our company. This means that we are able to meet the strictest requirements of the most demanding customers.

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