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Recognition of academic diplomas (Nostrification)

What is nostrification?

Nostrification is a procedure of recognition of foreign academic documents for their use in Ukraine, confirmation of their authenticity, correspondence to Ukrainian academic degrees and professional qualification.

When it is needed in Ukraine:

  • If you have initially receive academic degree abroad and plan to continue your study in Ukraine (to enter bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or PhD programme).
  • You need to verify you educational qualifications conferred abroad for the subsequent employment in Ukraine

You do not need to undergo nostrification of the following documents:

  • soviet educational documents issued before the 15th of May 1992 by countries who participate in the Agreement on cooperation in educational sphere (signed in Tashkent in 1992 by ex-soviet republics),
  • documents issued by the educational institutions and their branches which are not licensed and accredited;
  • documents that are not in a state recognized format;
  • documents that have no information about conferring academic degree or qualification.

To apply for the nostrification you will need to take the following steps:

  1. Fill application form.
  2. Issue a power of attorney authorizing our employees.
  3. Submit the original of your educational document, initially legalized in the issuing country according to the international legalization rules (i.e. documents should bear the MFA’s stamps of legalization or the apostille.
  4. Translate the documents into Ukrainian and notarize translation and copy
  5. Submit the reference from your university, college or another educational institution confirming the fact of your education.
  6. Submit the copy of the document certifying the accreditation of your university, college or another educational institution (certificate or license giving right to provide educational services).
  7. Submit the copy of the document certifying applicant’s identity (passport).
  8. Confirm the legal stay in a country during a period of study (passport for residents of this country, residence permit, visa, border check point stamps for non-residents).

The period of nostrification is determined on the individual basis in each case and usually last from 5 working days (only for Russian educational documents issued by state universities, colleges and schools) to 80 working days (two full months).